Kalyan is the big junction on the central railway. So many children’s you will find on the Kalyan station and near that area. These children’s are mainly having Street Children, orphan, single parent, runaway from home, homeless, poor community, unprivileged or these are SC/ST/ minority, tribal area children. They don’t have any hope in their life but we work with them and we do counseling of them. Most of the children have been changed and they started their school again. But when we are working with them we special feel that they will need some kind of shelter (home) for staying, because day time most of the time they stay with us and they are secure in this place but night time they sleep on the railway platform it is not safe for them. They get addict of the drugs and other alcoholic substances, sometimes they been sexually abused by others. When they sleep on platform police also arrest them and put them in the remand home. That’s why “WAY TRUE LIFE” started to send these children to other boarding school but every year we go and ask for the place in boarding but now they also reject to take kids in boarding school they said it is all ready booked, there is no place for street children etc.
Despite spending a lot of time exploring boarding schools/hostels in and around Mumbai for these children to go to, “WAY TRUE LIFE” does not have much success. So we feel that we can start our own home for street children.
Street Children from-:
Many of the street children who have staying on the railway station and near railway station, street and run away from home have done so because they were beaten or sexually abused. Tragically, their homelessness can lead to further abuse through exploitative child labour and prostitution.
Our Vision: -
To reduce number of children from becoming street / children.
To provide shelter, food, education health care, clothing, security & orientation to stable life style to 20 to 25 children through “WAY TRUE LIFE” .
The children can settled in safe, secure & caring home.
To equip them with education to cope in this world.
Our Mission:-
All these children will grasp education and later on they will be able to help in “WAY TRUE LIFE's work to help other children like them. They will carry vision and mission’s burden of “WAY TRUE LIFE " in future.
Our main intention is to the see the child employed and be independent as early as possible in view of the enormous competition, and unemployment prevalent in India. Children who are very good in studies shall be allowed to continue studies which include normal 11 & 12 classes and three year graduation course. We prefer to send children to institutes which have better employment prospects like Polytechnic colleges, Industrial Training Institutes and so on.
We shall assist all the children in finding a job, and continue to monitor them until they are 18. We shall be very cautious and take all necessary steps in case of girl child, all for their safety and security 
In case of some exceptional children we shall support them to pursue higher education in any field including engineering, medicine, software etc., and help them financially until they finish their course. We shall go to any extent to help these children to make big. However, since these are expensive courses, sponsor's approval and commitment is vital.
WAY TRUE LIFE prioritizes homeless street children. For them we provide: repatriation to their families, temporary and permanent shelter, street schools, vocational training, nutrition, medical treatment, AIDS awareness and a help line.
Please do contribution in this work. If we will get this support, we will able to do work effectively. We are really appreciate if you will do contribution towards this projects it will be very helpful. We are really grateful to all of you that you give help to the children. We also want these street, orphan children also can study and get bright future .
If you know more information about Street children see Street Children Outreach Project.
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